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The Deer Rut..!

I happen to work in a lovely Historic property called Petworth House, which also happens to have a 700+ acre Deer park, which makes for good photos and relaxing walks in rain or shine.


This is the time of year when the crisp autumn breeze is in the air, along with some Deer love! The Bucks in the fallow Deer herd start feeling a bit frisky, and choose their lady-wives for the season, the problem being of course they all want each others lady-wives and have to fight to keep them! We were lucky enough to spot some Rutting, the clatter of their antlers echoes across the park as they fight,

Bucks (Stags) Rutting

and they spend a lot of time doing a weird hooty-grunting sound to let all the other Bucks know to keep away once they have got a group of Does.

We did, unfortunately, witness a ‘Fenton’ moment too, although this dog was called Sophia – it does annoy me, as it caused a stampede of around 100 Deer into the paths of other walkers in the park!  Just remember if you do walk near Deer or livestock with a Dog, especially with a working breed (Sophie was a Border Collie) no matter how well behaved they are usually they can lose their heads in the face of all those animals to herd..!

We also saw other types of interesting Deer behaviour; a Buck would face the Does in his group and put his head down and paw at the ground, the Does would then all move in the direction he was ‘pointing’ to behind him with the pawing hoof. We also saw some young Bucks practice fighting, although they still ended up with cuts on their face!

small deer rutting

And to finish, this very sweet tableau of a Buck scratching a Doe’s back, they had a little face nuzzle after this. 🙂




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