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Meetings, Mosaics and Mystery…

I haven’t blogged for a while, but I’ve been quite busy (promise!) doing all sorts of things. Mainly I’ve been preparing for my meeting with the Prince’s trust about becoming self employed. I needn’t have really, the first session is just information, and it seems like they don’t really expect you to do anything until you’ve been on the course about business they run.

I’d been nervous about it all day; google street viewing the building so I didn’t get lost, although the route was quite easy; out the station, left at the first church, right at the second church, opposite the third church! For the first time in my life I didn’t have to run frantically to catch my train, and I got to the meeting quite early, as did another girl. (Little did I know that was because the walk there was on a gentle down hill slope – the way back took me twice as long to walk! Must get fitter!)

They let us in the room, and told us they were expecting another 19! We pointed out there were only 15 chairs in the room, and they said lots of people don’t turn up.  I hoped not, because the room was small, and I didn’t fancy cosying up too much to strangers.

A few more people arrived, and we chatted amongst ourselves. Out of the 5 that turned up (!) there was; A boy with A levels in Physics and Biology who wanted to Tutor Piano and Guitar lessons, a 25 year old married to a tattoo artist (the awesome tattoos all over her body were a pretty good advertisement!) who wanted to open a clothes shop, and an art graduate who wanted to sell Sculptures. It turned out he wasn’t eligible at the moment as his graduation was just 2 months ago. The other girl was very nice, but a bit more tight lipped. Then there was me, with my 6 different business ideas, in a scale based on how much money they would give to/lend to me.  I found out that it’s all really based on what your idea is and how well it will sell.

The one flaw in this system is that you have to wait for an available slot on a 4 day course. There was one in 3 weeks, but it’s possible I’ll have to wait until next January! I’m a bit worried about that. Hopefully I’d get a job before then and then I wouldn’t be eligible for help from the Prince’s Trust! I’m hoping I’ll be able to work something out with them if that happened.

It’s amazing what they offer really – it’s essentially like dragon’s den but you don’t have to give them any of your business.

One of the things that surprised me (or perhaps it didn’t) was that the man running the meeting told us in 13 years he had never seen a group who a)All had a pen with them and b) spoke to each other whilst we were waiting. Apparently it’s usually dead silence! I felt rather proud of our friendly group –  In fact one of the others even brought Blackberries for everyone to share, and another went to get us all water – it was all very lovely and I felt a bit silly for worrying, but then it seems I was lucky!       Anyway – I’m hoping I’ll get onto the course this month, and can get on my way to self employedness!

In other news, I visited the Fishbourne Roman Palace last week. I am lucky enough to have a season ticket, and I think I’ll be visiting very often.

I’m usually very dismissive of Guided Tours, being very much of the stubborn “I’ll do it myself if you don’t mind” sort.

However, I’m so glad I joined on the one at the Palace. Not only were amazing aspects and ‘secrets’ of the mosaics pointed out, but the man who was doing the tour really helped bring the history to life. I have visited the museum probably around 15 times in my life, and I had never noticed some of the things he pointed out, like the burn marks where a wing was burnt to the ground (possibly by Pirate raiders, it’s easy to forget how close you are to the sea in fishbourne) and even the half finished building work, and where the ‘new’ fashionable Mosaics are damaged to show the older, black and white geometric ones beneath. I really do recommend it if you’re in the area. The garden too is brilliant, lots of visitors bypass it, but I had a look round, and even took a few fruits home, after all, they would only go to waste otherwise, like some Onions that had been left to rot in one area – and I’ve never eaten a Quince before!

The last thing I’ll mention is an amusing moment of clarity in my family history research.

I have a Hunton family, the parents seem to die and the children are spread about. One of them, Elizabeth Hunton, is living in a house of women, all living by ‘Independent means.’ I sat, puzzled, thinking – “How could a whole house of women live on Independent means?…. OOOHHHH. RIIIGHT.”

Seems I have some women of the night in my ancestry.

Might explain a few things.

Speak soon!



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‘First’ post number 978

I have started many blogs in my life, usually in moments of boredom and/or loneliness. When I didn’t immediately have 50 followers after my first post I would invariably become disheartened, and forget all about it.

Now, a few years older, (and a lot more realistic) I am just looking for a place to share the interesting things I find on the wonderous journeys of research I undertake, mostly for my novel and volunteering project at the records office.  As well as the odd post about my life and funny things that happen to me,

If someone somewhere finds them interesting/funny/enlightening/informative/seagull/etc as well then that will be amazing! If not – I guess I’m on my own!

I have also recently started 2 bogs specifically for recipes, and for snippets of history. They are


and here:

As today is a quick post I will begin with two short ‘stories’.

From a London Newspaper, 1857: “A man named Mr Stark, living in Elm Grove, Torquay, opened a package delivered to him from Reading to find the body of a baby inside. One Ann Norris, who had been living near by earlier in the year, and had been observed to be ‘enciente’, was  accused and taken in for questioning.”  – You can only imagine what sort of relationship they had, I can never decide who I feel more sorry for.

The second thing is something I thought you might find amusing – I put my elbow through the arm hole of my dress instead of my hand, and then my arm got stuck all folded in half, and because it wasn’t a stretchy material I couldn’t pull it back off the other arm! I spent a few minutes flailing before mildly panicking and shouting at my boyfriend “I’M STUUUCK! HEEELP MEEE!” Then had to endure 5 minutes of him laughing (which admittedly led to me crying with laughter) before he pulled it up over my head, and, finally, off of my arm. I’m not sure if the moral I should take away, is that I need to go on a diet – or to ALWAYS buy cotton-elastine blends.

See you tomorrow!

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