An unemployed twenty something with too many interests and no direction.
I Love Writing, Cooking, Archaeology, History, Geneaology, The Ocean, Walking, Waterfalls, Looking through 18thC Newspapers for weird stories, Art, Reading, Animals, Postcrossing (where I am also fenifur) and Daydreaming.


3 responses to “About

  1. Your background etc is so pretty! How did you manage to do it all? I find wordpress really hard to navigate, as I am far too untechnical! Also – being rejected for 1000 jobs is still better than being rejected for 2000 jobs! Maybe we should keep a list. 🙂 x

    • Hello! Oh god, it’s been ages since I did it so I’m not actually sure! Theyr’e my photos, I think it depends on the profile ‘skin’ you use?! I think if you go on the appearance/tools bit it lets you drag and drop or upload your own pics? I also have no idea how I linked it to my flickr profile – I think I found something on the net to do it for me! I remember thinking I was really thick for not understanding wordpress – then I saw an entire book on how to use it in WHSmiths and didn’t feel so bad :p Will reply properly on fb in a bit, have been mega ill with tonsilitis and flu 😦 you’re welcome to come and visit whenever you like! I’m never doing anything, lol!

    • Also – I was thinking the other day how I should change that to 2000 now! HAHA! I think if I kept count I may sink into the depths of depression, ignorance is bliss and all that ;p xxx

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