Damp Squids.

We have a thing, the boyfriend and I, that we call  ‘A Damp Squid’. It’s when someone tries to use a well known phrase, that they have apparently misheard and/or misunderstood their whole lives. We call it that because that was the first one I came across on Tripadvisor (a veritable mine of damp squids), and after laughing at what I thought was a typo, I realised the dand b are really quite far apart, and that they’d used the term twice!

So we started making a list whenever we come across one, (we don’t look on purpose, and if they look like a typo we only put it in if it’s been used twice – it’s a science) and here it is for your guffaw inducing enjoyment:

Damp Squid

stuck in a time warb

ride rough shot

Pacifically (specifically)

cooking with grass! (Cooking on gas – one of my favourite damp squids)

In the feeble position (fetal)

Daytime rest bite (respite)

over priced load of old tut

I error on the side of caution

A sorted tale of warning

They are heads above the parapet (rest)

Very open and slightly sole less

Scolding hot

A deffernat no/Discusting (a spelling error I know, but a really common one and it annoys me so it’s in)

Made an RSVP, did not honour our RSVP (reservation)

Dumbfunded! (Used 3 times)

His breath was discussing. (Quite the skill)

It was all makro food (Perhaps a colloquial term I haven’t heard for microwaved? :s)

Just a few months out of the states and away from my beloved Mexican food is enough to make me rapid for some properly spiced chicken

Brick walk (meant to be brisk, I think)

Clucking up the wrong tree

Giving me ‘Piece of mind’ (Gross. I would’ve complained too)

A better advantage point (vantage, Jenny, it’s vantage.)

Don’t get me wrong, we all do a Damp Squid now and again – in fact Pat did 2 in one day but I forgot to write them down! Would love to hear any others people have come across/said themselves 🙂


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  1. I never make a note of the ones I hear and now can’t recall any but I do love them – especially on TV shows. I don’t watch much TV except sport and quizzes and antique shows but I still get plenty if material – I think it’s the sport that provides most of it. This fits in nicely with my word of the day – malapropisms from Sheridan’s ‘The Rifles’ – oops ‘Rivals’. 😉
    Clucking up the wrong tree is my favourite.
    Makro may not be one. Makro is an originally Dutch chain of Warehouse clubs, also called cash and carries, with groceries that are cheap and cheerful (often used by cafes, etc).

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