A rather large update…

So, it’s been a while – as usual! 

Here’s a quite summary of what’s happened in my life since my last post.

1) I’ve been writing lots more, which is good.

2)I had the boss from hell, which was bad. Actually he wasn’t from hell, more like crazy-no social boundaires-misogynist-land. This resulted in a stress related stomach ulcer that meant I went to A&E at 4a.m and has left me with a tummy that can deal with 95% less alcohol, 50% less chillies and 75% less Orange juice than before. On the upsise I lost a much needed stone. Only 2 to go.

3) I went to Cornwall and had a super awesome time- (much) more on that later hehe.

4) I turned 25. This was depressing. But I had some awesome London times, going to the Shakespeare Exhibition at the British Museum, and going to see “Bleak Expectations” being recorded at the BBC Radio Theatre.

5) Pat and I had our 4 year anniversary ❤

6)I got an offer for a new job at a company that makes underwear/swimwear/clothes for women who have had Mastectomies, which starts next week – most exciting. Pat also got a job as Lab technician at the Uni, so for the first time ever we will be in full time employment at the same time (that’s what happens when you start going out the month before a recession is announced :p)

7) Christmas happened, which I’m pretty sure wasn’t an exclusive occurrence in my life, it was pretty good, but marred by the fact that the boyf and I both had the Norovirus swiftly followed by the weirdest cold/flu thing EVER. Complete with itchy faces (?!) and sinuitis so bad I didn’t sleep for 3 days. I even watched some early morning documentaries on Spanish Artists. Most interesting… Otherwise I managed to not be too grouchy about Christmas. Even got our tree TWO weeks before christmas. Usually we go a few days before to get some money off, lol.

8)I got a little further in the family trees, still haven’t found two elusive men from the mid 1850’s families, though.

9)I’ve been getting back into cooking lately. So much so I’m going to finally start my food blog – I’ve just ordered some bits from the Japan centre as well as the only Japanese food I’ve made before is Sushi – this will change soon!.


So that’s a summary, some stuff I’m going to do individual posts for, like the Shakespeare exhibition which was AMAZING – some stuff, like the weird boss who continuously made sexually suggestive comments, tried to make me take his prescription pain killers and treated me like his PA, as well as the fact I was the only other person in the office when he wasn’t there (so doing reception, marketing, orders, cleaning, invoicing, tenders, dealing with customers, complaints, web orders etc etc etc) whilst forcing me to give the most abysmal customer service in the world… well, that’s all I’ll say about that.

I’m not one for New Years (I prefer All Hallows Day), but 2013 already looks a little better than 2012, not least because Pat and I may finally be able to visit Morrocco/Italy/Orkney Islands, and I may finally fully finish a novel to send off to publishers (I fully expect to be rejected, but that’s not the point).

Anyways, this should explain why I may be doing blog posts in the next few weeks about stuff that happened months ago…!!!

Happy Festive season everyone xXx




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  1. Discovering a bit about your life and this post has left me wondering what happened about the novel. I finished mine about the same time and sent it off to one publisher (rejection of course). Since then it has sat in the cupboard. The hard part is not the writing – it’s the hawking round the publishers. I have decided to tidy up one or two bits (after comments from family) and then start blasting the publishers again in October 2014. (various complicated reasons for that choice but at least it’s in the diary!!)

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