Parents who infuriated me today.

Being a parent is tough, so I’m told (again and again). I really do get that, but sometimes you just see parents doing something that is so ridiculopus you want to grab them and shake them and shout “NOOOOOOOO!” Until they understand what it is you’re talking about.

For example I was in a second hand book shop near me today. One boy wanted the next book in an adventure series he was reading. His Mum first of all scoffed at the idea he had read them all, then told him he ‘Had enough’ books.

One thing my child will never hear from me is that they have ‘enough’ books. Unless perhaps they can’t actually get into their bedroom anymore. This alone made me inwardly do the ol’ tut ‘n’ eye roll, but then she followed it with “Just use your money to buy some sweets instead.”  Just… WOW.

Ridiculous parent no.2 was defeated by her teenage daughter, who was looking at books from the ‘Spirituality’ section. As a teenage girl myself, my Mum bought me my first pack of Tarot cards, and herself purchased a book on ‘real’ fairies. Not because she was a believer, just because it’s fun, and also GOOD to read about everything you can, and keep an open mind. Also whatever your opinion on Tarot cards, sitting down and doing a Tarot ‘spread’ is calming and usually very reassuring, something all teenage girls could do with, I reckon.

After a small tussle where the Mum tried to rip the books from her daughters hands whilst muttering “It’s ridiculous, you will put them back, it’s all nonsense!” The girl stalked off with the line “It’s MY money from Grandma, I’m getting them.” I had to bite my tongue against a “HURRAH” but could not help the grin.

So -I hereby make a promise to my future self (who will no doubt read this and think “Pfft, what did old me know? Come back when you’ve got 3 kids!”) that no child of mine will be stopped from reading anything, except maybe Mein Kampf, and books on Scientology.



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