Why the Recession has made me a complainer

So, you buy a multipack of crisps, open up the bag, and find one or two have burst inside. You sigh, try one from an open pack just in case it isn’t stale, spit it out back into the packet when you find it’s chewier than a chewy thing, sigh, throw them away, get a non-burst pack – and move on with your life. Or maybe you buy some onions and find half are mouldy in the middle – no big deal, they’re like 12p each. Or maybe you get a hot drink, and it tastes of sour milk, or has hair in it, but by now you’re on the train and by the time you get back to the station that evening you really can’t be bothered to complain. Right? Well, for me, not anymore.

The recession, combined with my lack of job (also I am told, due to the recession) has left me distinctly fed up of paying too much for frankly inferior products. I’m not sure if stuff is getting crapper, or I’m just noticing it more, but either way I resent paying good money for mouldy/tasteless/hairy food.

Happily, due to my lack of job, I have the time to write narky letters to the offending companies, and so I have become a complainer.

I actually got £15 for the hair in my mocha. I haven’t spent them yet because I haven’t been to a train station for a while, but they have no date on so it’s all good. Rather diappointing was the £4 I got from a well known yoghurt company for finding mould on the lid – Haven’t they heard of Botulism? I could’ve DIED, there’s no way £4 of yoghurt vouchers covers that stress. Walker’s gave me £4 too, but wanted me to mail the entire multipack back which would’ve cost me £2.80 in packing and postage. Turns out all they wanted was the codes on the packet but assume their customer base will not understand how to find it… really? I took back a multipack of peppers that had 2 mouldy ones in it, and got a new pack plus a refund, which wasn’t too bad.

My most recent complaint was (sensitive men – and maybe women – skip this bit, I’m about to talk about laydee’s things’) about some sanitary pads. They’re a natural brand, all cotton, none of those bleaches that one doctor told me ‘slowly erode the vagina’. Yes, he said that. Anyways, WOVEN IN to my lovely, non-bleached organic slightly smug sanitary pad was a HUMAN HAIR. *bleurgh* 2 others in the packet were the same – deliberate, surely?! Usually, I would’ve told the next person I saw about it in conversation to gross them out, then threw them away – but not anymore. “These are too expensive, you must complain” I told myself, and so I was straight on the laptop with the code on the back (that’s right, I know what the numbers are for, Walkers) and now I’m getting sent replacements and a cheque for £20.

The moral of the story – if you have no money, and when you do have a bit and spend it you get crap stuff – don’t let it go! Especially if you bought it from Tesco’s, they can get it out of the few billion they make each year. One dairy farmer’s milk was cut 2p a litre by Tesco. Guess who footed the bill? That Dairy farmer’s income was slashed £14,000 for that year for a choice Tesco made FOR them.

Never once have I had to return anything to the farmer’s market. Just saying.


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