‘First’ post number 978

I have started many blogs in my life, usually in moments of boredom and/or loneliness. When I didn’t immediately have 50 followers after my first post I would invariably become disheartened, and forget all about it.

Now, a few years older, (and a lot more realistic) I am just looking for a place to share the interesting things I find on the wonderous journeys of research I undertake, mostly for my novel and volunteering project at the records office.  As well as the odd post about my life and funny things that happen to me,

If someone somewhere finds them interesting/funny/enlightening/informative/seagull/etc as well then that will be amazing! If not – I guess I’m on my own!

I have also recently started 2 bogs specifically for recipes, and for snippets of history. They are

here: http://snippetsofhistory.posterous.com/

and here: http://pireatesandbeans.posterous.com/

As today is a quick post I will begin with two short ‘stories’.

From a London Newspaper, 1857: “A man named Mr Stark, living in Elm Grove, Torquay, opened a package delivered to him from Reading to find the body of a baby inside. One Ann Norris, who had been living near by earlier in the year, and had been observed to be ‘enciente’, was  accused and taken in for questioning.”  – You can only imagine what sort of relationship they had, I can never decide who I feel more sorry for.

The second thing is something I thought you might find amusing – I put my elbow through the arm hole of my dress instead of my hand, and then my arm got stuck all folded in half, and because it wasn’t a stretchy material I couldn’t pull it back off the other arm! I spent a few minutes flailing before mildly panicking and shouting at my boyfriend “I’M STUUUCK! HEEELP MEEE!” Then had to endure 5 minutes of him laughing (which admittedly led to me crying with laughter) before he pulled it up over my head, and, finally, off of my arm. I’m not sure if the moral I should take away, is that I need to go on a diet – or to ALWAYS buy cotton-elastine blends.

See you tomorrow!


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